Confygo is a highly effective and efficient all-in-one-web-based event management software that mainly focuses on supporting organizations and institutions in their efforts in planning and conducting events like seminars, academic conferences, and workshops. The software is an entirely unified system having dedicated modules such as role and review management, article submission, website creator, certification & publication management, and ticket & payment management. Its consumer-friendly annexation permits uncomplicated and fast result-oriented tasks. With the support of such a diverse and capable conference management tool in place, companies will gain the competence to automate several manual tasks, build up proficiency and streamline procedures for all their events. These events and seminars consist of a host of modules like payment gateways, event and ticket management, registration of the third-party, management regarding the paper submission.

Online management tools

Confygo’s ticket and payment management module is entitled to collecting and documenting registration and other related payments for a wide range of organizational events. Confygo also supports organizations in managing the web installments with the help of online payments and is transferred directly into the bank account. The software provides decent transactions for online ticket booking and registration.

Confygo’s ticket and payment management system is created specifically for multifaceted consumers and diverse locations, all on a single server. This increases the response time and ensures a quicker turnaround time of all types of corporate activities.

Ticket and payment management

Confygo diminishes standard ticket and payment management related issues

The general issues that are mostly confronted by the users are discussed below,

  • Counter hoax and clone tickets force organizations to endow in high-quality print.
  • Ineffective service is responsible for delays at the time of crucial hours and annoyance for users who are needed to enter the box office for collecting their tickets.
  • The organization needs an efficient conference management system to inform the users about their deals and offers. However, this amounts to extra cost due to the fact the organization has to depend on conventional communication ways such as phone calls, advertisements, text messages.
  • Damage of the ticket.

Confygo sorts out the above stated ticket-related troubles and assures smooth event management through its various efficient services, pointed below.

  • The management system offers a complete package that provides group ticketing, exclusive discounts, offers for school and senior citizens offers for students other than school, complementary ticketing, and loyalty cards.
  • The system is also capable enough to report issues as it happens immediately.
  • It has an efficient support management system that includes call center, email, and chat features.

Advantages of using Confygo

The aspects of the system merged with strong reporting abilities, and acerbic edge safety makes the Confygo’s event management tool a powerful contender in the sphere of event or conference management.

The advantages that Confygo offers through its above-discussed features are as follows,

  • With the help of Confygo Ticket Management, organizations can trade tickets, bestow discounts, and other fruitful offers and gathers analytical and revenue inputs.
  • The software has its integrated management and security within an individual system.
  • Computerized reports on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis concerning the sales squad, events, and other attractions.
  • It has an extensible and dynamic guest service.

Managing an event or a conference is not an easy task or not something which can be planned in a single day. Confygo offers you a simple and highly effective ticket and payment management platform for your upcoming events. To know more about Confygo and how it can help you grow as a business, please visit


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