Events may be big or small. Some might be as small as a school fest, from the nostalgic old days, while some may be an important business meet of conglomerate organizations. Larger the stakes, diverse the scenario, greater is the need for manageability. It is best left to those who are cut out for the task. Event management is essentially managing the event which on a more generic level is a project. What does it involve? It involves the entire gamut of the task, from drawing the blueprint, diligent studying of the brand, the intended audience, crafting theme, and finally weaving all disjoint elements to give a holistic picture, which is the event itself. Of course, it involves much more within the overarching structure of event management.

Why event management matters?

Event management is fast gaining relevance in today’s time. Thanks to the diversification of business areas and entrepreneurship, leading to the mushroom growth of start-ups. Keen to showcase results, attract customers, to build loyalty, audience connect, building brand value through advertisement, or to celebrate results, all these have potential to bring revenue by generating timely leads. Businesses and organization then resort to event management companies who have a technical grasp on the nitty-gritty of event planning and execution and know how to make it a success. And it is not an easy task! It involves permits, ecological concerns, ethical issues, idea to build upon, and regulatory concerns.

On the big day, even a small mistake may spell doom for businesses and bring a bad name or disrepute. This might translate into a loss of customer base or niche audience and in the long run severe stress on the brand name as well as revenue prospects.  The role of event managers pulling the strings as the event unfolds with the desired level of finesse becomes paramount. In recent times, event management has gained steam and will continue to be an indispensable part of any event where stakes are high. Corporate meetings, conferences, trade expos, brand launch, training sessions, customer connect are all now customized to meet specific requirements.

Technology as an aid

Technology has made unimaginable inroads in our lives. With internet penetration increasing exponentially and smartphone integrated into our mundane lives, almost all information makes its way via the web. Event management companies have been quick to embrace this sweeping change with promptness and as a necessity. Venues to book, staying arrangements to make, or prospective speakers displayed beforehand for the eager audience, it cannot be delayed or made to appear via the old traditional ways of emails and solicitations. The information has to travel quick, be authentic and personalized to give each recipient a feel as being part of the happening.  Event Management Software has filled up that space with great success, in sync with modern needs. Event Management Software denotes a wide array of software products that are employed in the management of professional as well as conferences of academic nature, trade-related exhibitions and expo, conventions of sizeable nature, or still smaller events namely Continuing Professional Development (CPD) meetups. The services offered range from chalking out a schedule, budgeting, venue selection, dedicated website creation, online registration, billing, on-sight operations, analytics, response generation, live polls to even Q & A, including roadmap in case of emergency.

Converging grounds- Event management and education

One key area, where event Management Software is replacing conventional ways is the education sector. The education sector of today has expanded to embrace new domains, new faculties and a host of streams to choose from! New curriculum demands compatibility and coherence with market demands. Big events like student enrollment, induction, sports, seminar, and classes are using the ease offered by this software. Highly technical areas like engineering, medical sciences; robotics and AI need a steady stream of idea sharing, research analysis, and technical exchanges. Conferences form a recurring event. Conference Management then, it so transpires, becomes a pain point if not handled properly. Conference Management software allows campuses to leave these complexities to it and divert precious time and manpower to engaging discussions. The advantages lent by such Conference Management software are many. Relying on its multitasking capabilities this software as an element of Conference Management pay rich dividends in terms of report generation, error flagging and rectification, time savings, productivity, and timely delivery of agendas. Not to mention the substantial return on investment.  It is hard to imagine so much from a manual setup! Educational Conferences have rightly leveraged the technological prowess of such software.

Event Management Software- Problem of plenty

There has been a mushroom growth of companies claiming to the best in the business, eager to showcase the uniqueness of their software product. With a spike in demand, the key is zeroing in on the right choice of event Management Software in general and Conference Management software ideally suited for an educational setup. Does the selected product cater to the organizational needs or ends up as a disappointment? Much of the success depends on the conscious choice made. In this context, where every other event management company claim to pitch their product as the All-In-One Web Based Event Management Software as the best answer to diverse needs, Texila Technologies have come up with Confygo, a product with unmatchable traits, robust design, holistic approach and which is hard-to-ignore. It truly stands out when compared on a range of metric. It truly deserves to be called the All-In-One Web Based Event Management Software. 

Confygo- The perfect answer

A brief about Texila Technologies would be enlightening. The compelling desire to innovate, ideate and use it for the larger benefit lead to the birth of the company. It is a part of Texila American University, a pioneer in higher education, offering a variety of modern-day courses from bachelor to doctoral. Founded in 1997, it has constantly been raising the bar in the field of disseminating education. Texila technologies, sharing the same vision has been as the forefront of providing market expertise, unique end-to-end solutions on a cost-effective model for organized as well as unorganized industries alike.

India has been the hub of education in South Asia, attracting students for neighboring countries because of its quality at affordable price. The All India Survey on Higher Education shows the gross enrollment ratio (GER) has shown significant improvement from 19.4% (2011) to 25.2% (2016-17), which is significant. Institutions are fast catching up with best practices at the world level. To enable a seamless integration of such institutes and enable the robust infrastructure to level up, Confygo offers the best in class. It is designed keeping in mind the organizational needs of academic conferences, workshops, and seminars. It packs a powerful punch, with modules like website builder, role management, article submission and review management, ticket and payment management, certification and publication management.

So, the obvious question is, why put faith in Confygo? Well, the benefits nudge out every other in its category. Firstly, it truly lives up to its name of “All-In-One Web Based Event Management Software”. A one-stop solution. Its user-friendly interface allows easier and fast registration. All along the event chain, it is fully automated with event CRM. Has provision for abstract management and peer review, with special emphasis on academic conferences as it is uniquely designed for it, offers advanced event management solutions, can be rewired to suit requirements, and uses cloud-based event management. It also offers a variety of plans based on organizational need.  This is not the end of the list! Other unmissable elements in the bouquet include speaker management, event planner, statistical data collection and dissemination, campaign tracking, discount and offers management, and booking history to review and generate reports. And guess what? All these services rolled into one, at a price that is hard to refuse. Coming to educational institutions, Confygo is just indispensable. Confygo enables educational institutions to automate manual tasks, increase efficiency, and streamline processes for alumni events, academic conferences or seminars. Some of the feature provided includes third-party registrations, payment gateways, paper submission management, review management, event and ticket management. It virtually binds the education fraternity in one invisible link, with the ease of operation offered!

Any organization, business or institution that desires to harness technology and cut on redundant elements to better revenue, build brand value and streamline processes will definitely opt for Confygo. Many requirements, one solution! That’s Confygo for you!

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