Organizing a conference can be a highly time-consuming and a daunting task. Irrespective of the size of the event, the common problems, and the general process remains the same. As an individual, one might be highly skilled at beating deadlines by juggling multiple tasks, but there is always a deficiency of time. Maintaining every detail of an event is relatively challenging, while other factors that need attention are event ROI and attendee related information. A properly designed website, specially crafted for a particular event, backed up with a pre-formatted website templates is the perfect solution.

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There are numerous website builder tools in the market that claim to help you organize and save your time. But, one that has been designed specifically with academic conferences in mind is not that easy to come across. This is where Confygo’s website builder tool comes into the picture. There are so many advantageous ways how Confygo’s website builder module can completely turn your planned conference around in terms of planning, organizing and post event data collection.

Building a customized website

Confygo’s website builder module will allow you to promote, market, and display your event with missing a beat. It doesn’t matter if you want your website to have loads of information with multiple pages and links, or if you just want a simple website with more focus on look and feel, Confygo’s event website creator supports every cause.

Quality Website design templates

Selecting a quality template for a website is a vital job. In a general scenario, this process is always dependent on web developers and designers. But, with Confygo, you can develop a good-looking website, without having in-depth HTML knowledge or skills. The tool offers you abundant pre-build website templates to choose from that ultimately speeds up the overall website building process.

Pre-formatted web page layouts

These are a boon for individuals having little or no knowledge about creating web design from scratch. Built with CSS and HTML coded templates can be used by anyone, without any external assistance. Confygo powered website layouts are easy to embed with the website where users can use to ‘plug-in’ related images and text content without having to edit the design elements and layout.

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Template customization options

With having a quality website design, it is important that the website designer tool has the option to customize the features and plug-ins according to the current requirement. Confygo’s website designer tool allows you to customize your website. This tool has two primary sections

  • Attendees related
  • Admin related

For the attendees, certain features that needs to be made available like.

  • Attendee registration
  • Payment processing
  • Details of the event (Event Brochure)
  • Photo and Video gallery

The administration department needs to have certain rights and access in order to manage the event efficiently. These features include,

  • Budget management
  • On-site functionality
  • Workflow management
  • Surging the accessibility
  • Report management

Your website needs to have a spectacular first impression. This is an important aspect for an event to be successful. As an event management company, you need to take care of certain important features that your website needs.

  • You need to have a consistent online presence.
  • The attendees need to be well informed in case of any changes in time or venue.
  • Updating post event news on the website
  • Any hot news needs to be updated

Event/conference management is definitely not an easy task or definitely not something which can be planned in a single day. Confygo offers you a simple yet highly effective website builder for your upcoming events. To know more about Confygo and how it can help you grow as a business, please visit:


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