The term Conference Management is what we would call the executive management of the entire conference event, which would include factors like planning, organizing, inviting, attendees confirmation, data collection and so on. 

In the case of a large conference that involves 500 to 1000 participants or more, the task of conference management comes with its own set of challenges. These challenges are so vast and widespread that it cannot be handled by just a single person but need a team of people constantly communicating, updating and following up. Even with so many people involved in the management of an event, all it takes is just one tiny error, by just one person to create an insurmountable mountain of problems.

This is where a conference management system comes into the picture. A conference management system is a web-based event management system designed to help you collect, sort, manage and provide complete support in all areas that need management, thus taking your business to the next level while also maximizing your ROI.

In the below section, we will look into the various factors and advantages that an automated conference management software has over manual conference management and why it is highly recommended for you to take your business to the next level.  

1Requires high manpowerRequires very minimal manpower
2Highly time-consumingTakes a fraction of the time
3Requires a lot of logistics and planningRole Management tool does most of the work
4Requires dedicated event website creation for every new eventEasy to use website builder with pre-formatted page layouts for customized websites in no time at all
5Speaker management takes a lot of time and effort from a number of resourcesSelf-customized dashboards for speaker management makes the task highly effortless
6Attendees registration needs to be individually managed and followed-upLets you register and manage multiple attendees
7Low ROIHigher ROI
8Creation of event-based forms takes up a lot of time with multiple source inputs Allows you to easily create forms through customizable pre-set templates
9All attendee details have to be manually managed and their details sortedAllows you to export all the necessary details with a simple click
10Requires a dedicated man-power resource to collate information and create reports based on each eventLets you effortlessly generate reports along with individual event analysis
11Requires a dedicated team of people to manage registration fees collection and documentationEnables you to create your own pricing chart with the option of discount by using promo codes
12Requires a dedicated person to manually collect the fees and deposit into the official bank accountAllows for simple online payment that goes directly into your preferred bank account
13Requires a team of people to manage user registration and event attendance numbersThis module enables the user to complete self-registration in a single click.
14Requires a coordinator to work with the speakers in getting their presentations ready for the eventEnables speakers to upload presentations from their own account 
15Needs dedicated personnel to create event agendas in multiple forums along with manual distribution of event-related materialsAllows you to display the event agenda for users and enable PDF downloads 
16Requires manual distribution of event-related materialsEnables PDF downloads for users
17Requires a dedicated resource to screen or approve participants or attendees at the time of the eventEmpowers your event registration committee with the option to approve and disapprove the registering participants and attendees
18There is a lot of challenges in getting the necessary reports from multiple events (current and past events)Booking history feature empowers the event manager/core committee members to access and download the reports for multiple events

Introducing Confygo from Texila Technologies, an all-in-one web-based event management software with a gamut of advanced tools to create and cover your entire event on a single platform. Confygo is an effective event management software designed to support organizations and their events with specific importance given to academic conferences, workshops, and seminars. Texila Technologies is a product and service based concern that is a business unit and global initiative belonging to the Texila American University Consortium (TAU-C) which is a premier education provider established in 2010.

With Confygo, organizations will have the ability to automate manual tasks, increase efficiency, and streamline processes for various events, conferences or seminars with a host of features that include third-party registrations, payment gateways, paper submission management, review management, event and ticket management, thus removing unnecessary non-complicated and providing extreme ease of operations.

To know more about Confygo and how it can help you grow as a business, please visit:


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