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In the sphere of corporate conference and event management, “Role Management,” as the word suggests, gives the ability to an administrator to define individual roles of members of a team. Every team member can be given separate instructions and delegated duties for them to perform during an event, and this is exactly where Confygo comes into the picture. Confygo is a highly versatile, all-in-one web-based event management software that can be used for role management during an event, academic conference, workshops, etc. It is simple and easy to use software that any organization can opt to use in an academic conference that they organize. Apart from role management, there are various other tasks that Confygo can perform in the area of conference management. Using the role management plug-in, the administrator can grant or revoke access, give independent commands to individuals in relation to conference management.

Many crucial factors need to be paid a lot of attention when it comes to organizing an event, immaterial of its scale and size. A little deviation from the process or plan is enough to completely disrupt the entire event. Well-defined role management not only allows a company to dedicate roles to the core committees and the team members but also monitor and manage multiple attendees. Confygo is state-of-the-art software that lets a company efficiently manage numerous forms and export details with ease.

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Register and Manage Multiple Attendees: When a conference is organized, the first focus is on the registration of the delegates and attendees. Confygo also enables the organizers to customize multiple forms for registration and make them available to numerous attendees. With the Role Management tool, you have the power to seamlessly manage multiple speakers and attendees and their details without any human error.

Create core and supporting committees: This feature is specially made for the organizing company. Using Confygo’s role management plug-in, a company can make a structured plan for central and core committees. This allows the organization/user to delegate different functions and duties of both the committees and keep track of the performance and the completed events. For any event that has to be held, multiple committees are made for better performance and reducing the burden on a specific set of members.

User-friendly sponsor type creation and management: For any academic conference, various sponsors are representing different fields. These sponsors offer various perks like making bids, giving free of cost services, beverages, stationery, educational benefits, etc. To manage such sponsors and to organize their functioning, Confygo provides a one-stop solution with its Role Management plug-in. This allows the organizing company to organize and administer the duties of a particular sponsor or a group of sponsors.

Self-customization dashboards for individual speakers: This feature allows the organizing company/ user to manage the portfolios of their attendees. The attendees to an academic conference can upload their research papers and presentation for the event. At the time of presentation, the attendees and speakers can log in to the Confygo system and access it for their use during the academic conference.

Apart from these, there are various other benefits that a role management software would provide. They are

  • Securing the internal network
  • Easy and quick implementation
  • Enhanced engagement

Confygo allows every organizing company to flawlessly manage any academic conference by providing a single platform with multiple dedicated accesses. It is the simplest and the best event management software made by Texila Technologies, which is available in the market. It is one of its kind all-in-one-website based event management system with dynamic pricing.

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