An academic conference is an event organized by various management bodies to celebrate and discuss variegated researches going around the world. These academic conferences are designed to provide an important channel or platform for the exchange of information between researchers. Here, qualified speakers present their work and intellectual thoughts in the form of a presentation, which will be followed by a sequence of related activities like a debate, discussion or workshops. The size of these conferences can also vary, depending upon the relevance and popularity of the chosen topic. It can either be in the form of workshops with small sessions or on a larger event where a variety of supporting activities take place. 

There are three types of conferences:-

Themed conferences revolve around a particular topic only where a researcher talks and discusses the given topic.

General conferences held on behalf of Professional conference organizers at regional, national and international levels to discuss several themes going around the world.

Professional conferences include general academic aspects for professional researchers and doesn’t include students.

The importance of academic conferences

They allow individuals to meet scientists and researchers from various parts of the world to share their ideas on a particular topic. Apart from adding value to the career, this platform allows networking and socializing with people from different parts of the world.

Things to do at academic conferences:

Presenter: displays his/her idea(s) in front of a designated audience. The researcher can have a panel discussion(s) over his/her present work with more exceptional researchers in that field. The insights given by experienced researchers can help in extending the current work to an extensive level.

Attendee: approaches professionals to discuss ideas from a broader perspective. Thinking about the present and future times, one can seek career aspects.

Reasons for attending an academic conference

The core reason for attending a conference is self-evaluation and personal growth. Sharing of ideas with their peers and imbibing innovative suggestions for the work by presenting a researched paper. There could be chances of research collaborations through these conferences. Conference management provides a platform for a lot of learning opportunities for an individual. People from different companies have an opportunity to interact with each other. Students can take benefit from them in developing their careers through networking and connecting with like-minded people and getting exposure to innumerable industries.

Conference management software for attendees

Conference management software can be used for managing data for all sizes of events. It stores relevant information regarding any occasion, and that can be made available online. Attendees from any part of the world can register online and can publish their data from anywhere. In case of changes in the date/venue, the software can be used to notify the participants immediately. Attendees can schedule and plan accordingly with the full view of the program. The dashboard shares information like the list of speakers, topics for discussion, timings and other vital factors. Information can be downloaded easily through the website. 

Introducing Confygo, the conference on the go!

Confygo is an effective all-in-one Web Based Event Management Software designed to support organizations with academic conferences, workshops, and seminars. As a product from Texila Technologies, a business unit of Texila America University Consortium, Confygo helps in automating and thus simplifying all the manual tasks needed to plan and successfully organize academic events and conferences.

Significant changes in conducting an academic conference

The workforce usage for any event can be reduced to a significant extent with the commencement of Confygo. Since time is a crucial commodity and cannot be wasted, this software helps in time management where every task can be assigned with a predefined deadline. The software supports highly useful features like generating reports on various factors that are crucial in conducting a conference. Being an automated web-based software platform, the factor of human error does not even come into the fold. Less workforce, efficient task handling capacity, and zero human error ultimately result in increased return on investment. 

Confygo is designed to oversee every aspect of academic conferences while keeping the organizers in complete control, right from planning the event to completion and analysis of the data collected from the event. 

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